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Flour & Salt is a family-run bakery cafe in Hamilton, NY. All of our bagels, breads, and pastries are handmade on the premises from scratch each day. Our bagels are hand-rolled, formed, boiled, and baked to chewy NY perfection. Come join us for breakfast or lunch, or special order bagels, pastries, cakes, and cupcakes to take with you out the door. Either way, we’re glad to have you here!

Our Favorites


the hal

cream cheese, capers, tomato, red onion, pastrami style lox from Maine

the zimmer

sausage + farm fresh egg scramble, caramelized onion, swiss, tomato, parsley mayo

the green goat

Jones Dairy goat cheese, Johnston Honeybee Farm honey, raspberry jam, avocado, spinach

hash brown sammy

gluten free / two crispy potato hash browns sandwiching an egg and your choice of cheese, meat, and sauce


cinnamon bun

fluffy and slightly sweet yeasted dough rolled around butter and cinnamon sugar, topped with our maple coffee glaze

banana bread

with chocolate chips, made with Kriemhild creme fraiche, one of our most popular breakfast snacks

chocolate babka

tender yeasted dough wrapped around a cinnamon chocolate butter filling

vegan chocolate chip cookie

our most popular sweet treat! gooey and lightly salted to bring out the sweetness of the chocolate, you’d never know they’re veganiew Our Full Menu — 


peaks drip coffee

locally roasted in Cazenovia, NY. the best coffee in Hamilton

london fog / smog

fog - steeped earl grey tea with house vanilla syrup and a dollop of steamed milk / smog + a shot of espresso

hot chocolate

housemade chocolate ganache steamed with milk and a pinch of salt

honeybee iced coffee

coffee steeped with Johnston Honeybee Farm honey, poured over iced with a splash of half + half

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Good to Knows

Can I pre-order sandwiches to pick up at the bakery?

Can I place an order for bulk bagels, pastries, cakes or cupcakes?

Absolutely! For anything on our Special Order Menu, we need 48 hours notice from the time the order is placed to when it is needed. For anything on our Cakes + Cupcakes menu, please use the order form on the special order cakes and cupcakes page. We don’t take orders over the phone. We will be in touch via email within 48 hours. If we are able to accommodate your order, we will send you an invoice for confirmation and payment.

do you have gluten free and/or vegan options?

We do! We offer hash brown patties for our sandwiches and also have at least one GF pastry option every month. We also yogurt parfaits. Because we use so much flour in the bakery, nothing is truly gluten free. If you have a severe sensitivity, we do not suggest you eat anything at the bakery.

Our bagels are vegan, and we offer tofu, tempeh, vegan cream cheese, and vegan butter. We have at least one vegan pastries every month, and always have our vegan chocolate chip cookies!

do you deliver?

We do not offer delivery for special orders. The special orders must be picked up at the shop during open hours.

i see you’re closed on mondays and tuesdays. can i still place an order?

We can accept special orders for Mondays and Tuesdays on a case by case basis depending on our availability. Get in touch at with your order inquiry and we’ll let you know!

do you take budget code / how do I pay for a special order?

Yes, we take budget code. Send the code along with your order. We will take care of sending the invoice to Colgate accounting.

When you place a special order, we will send you a confirmation invoice via Quickbooks, through which you can process payment.

Direct any other questions to us at



7 Maple Avenue
Hamilton, NY 13346

around the corner from Slices + across the street from the Hamilton Eatery


Wed – Fri, 7 am – 2 pm

Sat, 7:30 am – 2 pm

Sun, 8 am – 2 pm

Closed Mondays + Tuesdays