Who we are

 photo by Hallie Kohler Photography

photo by Hallie Kohler Photography

Britty and Brendan started F&S in 2015. After both graduating from Colgate, they moved out of the area but longed to be back in the warm and friendly community of Hamilton. They moved back in June of 2015. With the help of many community members and the incredible F&S staff, they opened a full-time brick and mortar shop at 7 Maple Avenue just one year after Britty and Brendan moved back to Hamilton on July 27th, 2016.

Weโ€™re really proud of what we do here at F&S. All of our bagels, breads, and baked goods are made from scratch every day. Many of our sandwich ingredients are locally sourced and made right at the shop. It brings the F&S crew so much joy to bring community members, students, and party goers finely-made pastries and thoughtfully crafted breakfast and lunch, in house, fresh every single day. We love to make your days a little more delicious. We enjoy the quiet of our early mornings and also the bustle and interesting conversation when the bakery fills up with a line out the door. Thanks for making it possible for us to do what we do.


Britty, Owner and Head Baker

Brendan, Owner, Baker, + Mr. Fix Everything That Ever Breaks

Joshua, Kitchen Manager + Baker

Coral, Front of House + Coffee Bar Manager

Denise, Cook 

Barbra, Cook

Ben, Retail Staff, Barista, + Kitchen Assistant

Allie, Retail Staff + Barista

Colin Nevison, Kitchen Assistant + Baker

Emily Robinson, Baker, Barista, + Retail Staff

Laura, Retail Staff + Barista

Stephanie, Kitchen Assistant + Retail Staff